Information about OlaBebe

Community marketplace: Online Pre-Owned Children's Marketplace.

When her first baby was born, founder Paulina realized she needed more items that she originally thought. When the baby would not agree to sit on his stroller, she decided to try and buy a pre-owned high-end second one for her baby. He did not like the first one and it was cumbersome to travel with it. But he loved the second one! This experience made her realize that she needed to work on something that could solve this problem.

That’s when the idea come about!

 To create a place where it is easy to buy and sell used baby gear, but also rent it! It would help parents cope with unexpected changes in their babies behavior and preferences, and also help the environment promoting sustainable development, and save money!

The power to bring together families with children to share goods as well as experiences.

Paulina and the OlaBebe team welcome you!